Santa Is Here
Santa Is Here
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Santa Is Here

Merry Christmas

Multiple Plans

Welcome to CryptSanta, the merry investment program to give you the most cheerful investment plans this festive season. We present to you 3 amazing investment plans this Christmas & new year! Register Now

3-Level Affiliation

To spread the Christmas cheer CryptSanta offers affiliate commission of 5%. We also offer 3-level representative commission of 8%, 2% & 1%. So be merry & spread the cheer of CryptSanta. Register Now

Zero Contract Investment

CryptSanta follows Zero contract investment which means there is no strict written agreement. Anyone who is above 18 years can join our program & invest in CryptSanta. Register Now

About CryptSanta

We have three investment packages this christmas

We at CryptSanta welcome you this festive season of Christmas & new year. We started our enterprise with our interest in cryptocurrency. Along with our hard work, dedication and consistency we have turned our interest into making our investor’s dream of seeing their investment grow day by day. It takes time for hard work to pay off and ours has paid by the immense support and the investments made by our clients. We feel contentment when our users are contented with our services. We promise to live by our standards and work even harder to come up with better strategies and plans so that our investors are always curious to know what is new in store for them. We always consider and accept any suggestion made by our clients. Feel free to contact us for anything.

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Last 8 Deposits

  • Soeung $15.43
  • ngocbich89 $20
  • supavadee $120
  • ALEX8066 $11
  • Soeung $14.7
  • ruf1 $10
  • dunamis $10
  • ALEX8066 $20

CryptoSanta Statistics

Last 8 Withdrawals

  • naale $52.76
  • allmonitors24 $0.7
  • Mayson $52.5
  • santa101 $26.25
  • MYHYIPSNET $18.55
  • RIFAAT $10.5
  • Alibek $10.5
  • Soeung $0.7

Affiliate Program

We have a great affiliate program this christmas

Your satisfaction with our services will not go unrewarded ! Tell your friends, family & acquaintances about CryptSanta and earn impressive 5% affiliate commission for each who invest with us through your referrals. You do not need to have an active deposit before you can earn from our investment program. So, invite all and gain a part of their investments ! Earn with CryptSanta !

Be an Affiliate

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Level 2


Level 3

Representative Program

We have a great representative program this christmas

Becoming an official representative of CryptSanta investment platform brings you limitless business possibilities. For direct representatives you will get 8% representative commission. For second level representative you will get 2% representative commission & for third level representative you will get 1% representative commission. In order to be a representative in CryptSanta, one should have at least one active deposit along with minimum 20 active referrals and send their representative applications to with details like username, full name, email address, phone number, country, languages & social media details like facebook, twitter, and skype.

Be a Representative